Meningitis Now

The impact of meningitis is devastating – leaving people bereaved or facing a future with lifelong disability. Even if the outcome of meningitis is a positive one, the trauma of going through the disease or watching a loved one fight for their life can remain.

Surviving meningitis

No-matter what your meningitis experience, you don’t have to face meningitis alone. We can help you and those around you who are struggling with the life-changing impact of meningitis.The physical and emotional impact of meningitis can be devastating – lasting months, or even a lifetime.At first you may feel that you will never fully recover and regain the life you once had. Some after-effects will be life-changing, however, there are things that can make a difference when recovering and learning to live with the impact of the disease.It is important to work with all the healthcare professionals involved in your immediate and ongoing care and discuss with them any additional support you may need, or want to try.

Want to talk to someone about your experience of meningitis?

Over the phone:
Immediate support can be accessed by calling our Meningitis Helpline – 0808 80 10 388

Our peer to peer service puts you in touch with people who have had a similar meningitis experience. You can talk, email and, in some cases, meet up

Our vision is a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives. For more information please visit: